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Search Engine Ranking or Rank simply relates to how high a particular web page or web site is listed (or ranked) in a search engine query result. We are talking about Organic/Natural high rankings only.

Here is an example – Someone conducts a query for “dog boarding”. Many sites are ranked in response to this query. However, the “rank” (or position) for each site indicates where exactly it was listed, be it on the first page of results, the second page or even the 50th page. Saying a page is “listed” only means that it can be found within a search engine in response to a query, not that it necessarily ranks well for that query or holds a favorable position among the other listings.

The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make About Search Engine Ranking

1. – Thinking an SEO firm can “guarantee” a top ten Search Engine Ranking for their web pages in, for example, Google’s search query results on page one. This is nearly impossible to do. Even if the SEO firm is really good and fortunate enough to make this happen for you, the moment your improved listing displaces your competitions better hard earned top position they are going to spring into action. Consequently their SEO firm will be working vigorously to get them back on top! This can really ruin a Search Engineer Optimizer's day so please take note of it. ;-)

Bottom line, obtaining a top position or high search engine rank in any organic / natural search result is highly competitive; it's a fiercely guarded place on the web, and top search result positions are watched at all times with an eagle's eye by dozens and dozens of people, if not hundreds.

2. - Obsessively scanning search results for your newly optimized pages to appear in the major search engines only a few days after the SEO Company has submitted them to the Search Engines and Directories.

SEO drives people nuts if they don't see their web site's pages magically appear in the top ten positions on page one in Google in a few days. This simply is not how it works. Time, patience and taking baby steps are what SEO is all about to create better, higher ranking web pages for search engines.

The slightest change to the keywords on a Home Page can dramatically affect its ranking either up or down. Once a page does appear, which frankly can take months, an SEO expert has to take into consideration where it appeared in relation to the other listings around it, but also across several search engines simultaneously. Are the newly optimized pages ranking well in MSN too, or not all? How are they doing in Yahoo? If they do appear in other engines why are some pages ranking higher than others?

Many other variables come into play here to obtain an improved search engine ranking: how long your site has been up, the amount of in-bound links pointing to it, the quality of those links, keyword proximity, density, relevancy, correct page titles, body text, H1-H6 tags, the use of Flash, JavaScript, getting stuck in Google's so-called "Sandbox" and much, much more.

It gets even crazier when it comes to Paid Placement where people are bidding against each other (think eBay) moment to moment for top ad placement. You can purchase expensive bid management tools that automate the whole process down to the second if you can't be there to manage your bidding yourself, but these kind of tools are super complex to use and very expensive. You can literally go broke trying to maintain the top position in running Paid Placement ads if you try to do-it-yourself or even if you use a bidding tool.

Obtaining a better search engine ranking is part art, part science, part balancing act. Optimized web pages need to be search engine spider friendly and at the same time be people friendly. Ultimately it's people you are serving and want to have come and see your site long after the search spiders pay their visits; so when a searcher types a series of keywords into a search field, making it easy for that searcher to find your site above all the rest is always the ultimate goal of Web Search Engineer.

Last but not least, you should request a client's ranking report from any SEO / SEM firm or company "before" you sign on the dotted line with them. Many factors come into play when you hire an SEO / SEM firm but knowing up front how clients of theirs are fairing in the Search Engines after their sites were optimized by the firm is why you are considering hiring them in the first place, right?

If an SEO / SEM company balks, procrastinates, makes excuses, or refuses this request, frankly, you should look for another company. And don't forget about those testimonials; read them, check out their sites in a search using keywords, and call those people for feedback - they are real people you can speak with who had real needs when it came to getting their web sites found in a search. And make sure their last names are not the same as the owner of the SEO Company - Mothers don't count either. ;-)

Again, if the SEO Company you are thinking about hiring has no client testimonials on their website and you asked for some client referrals and they refused or made excuses, take my professional advice - Run!

To see a list of Web Search Engineer's client testimonials, please visit our Testimonials Page. You may also find our Client Case Studies page also beneficial.

3. - "I don't need SEO, when I type in my company name I show up number 1!"

If your company is as well known as: Coca Cola, The Gap, Nike, CNN, Disney, or the New York Times, you'd be right. But if you're not a brand name company that people know about and most people have never heard of your company name but are in fact looking for the products and or services you sell from a web search, you are missing an amazing amount of business your competition is most likely getting from a web search engine.

An Example:

A company in San Francisco manufactures and sells wholesale a line of high quality women's knitwear garments. This company does a great business whole selling their clothing line to retail stores all over North America, and they too have a factory showroom "store" where they sell directly to the public. Yet, no one in San Francisco seems to know about their own store, thus, it makes very little money for them. They are in fact thinking about shutting it down since it is too costly to run.

While the company's home page is in fact number one when a searcher does a search for their company name, again as an example, a woman who loves knitwear clothes and is searching on the web for a new knitwear sweater in the San Francisco area who has never heard of this company before will most likely type into a search engine some keywords like this: "knitwear sweaters San Francisco," "knitwear clothes San Francisco" or possibly, "knitwear store San Francisco."

If this knitwear company has not created, and/or optimized their factory store web page for any of the above keywords the searcher is typing into a search engine, this company's store (its pages on the web) will not rank well in an organic search, but the competition for sure will!

Again, unless your company is a very, very well known name or your brands are widely well known, improve and optimize your web pages for the products and services "keywords" people are searching for, not just your company’s name.

Web Search Engineer's Client Ranking Report

Ranking changes from moment to moment and all of Web Search Engineer client's sites fluctuate just like everyone else’s. Regardless, we felt it was important for potential new clients of Web Search Engineer to see for themselves where our client's sites rank. If not, why consider hiring us?

Please be aware that we track client's sites from month to month, meaning, we take a snap shot of their web sites page rank once a month near the first of each month. This means they may have a great rank representation of their site on this day, or maybe not so great. You can double check were they are at right this minute by simply typing into a search engine their listed keywords (from the ranking report) on any given day for an up to the minute ranking.

Also, we only show page ranking for client's pages that Web Search Engineer optimized, meaning, a client could have dozens of web pages but Web Search Engineer only optimized six of them.

Web Search Engineer keeps track of all past, as well as current client search engine ranking positions in the search engines. If you are considering becoming a client and would like to see our web based Client Ranking Position Report, simply let us know and we will provide you with a password to view it.

Search Engine Ranking: What is it?