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Every Search Engine Marketing campaign is different and requires great attention to detail to be successful. Unlike SEO, Search Engine Marketing is often made up of several different aspects of Paid Placement. Paid Placement can include but is not limited to Pay Per Click (PPC) Sponsored Ads, Paid Inclusion, Banner Ads, Contextual Ads, and other forms of paid web advertising. Below are details for the most common Search Engine Marketing Services Web Search Engineer actually does when performing SEM for your web site and its pages. Please note, the information below focuses on Pay Per Click (PPC) only and targets Yahoo Search Engine Marketing & Google Adwords exclusively; other forms of Paid Placement advertising details are not included here but may be obtained by simply calling or emailing us.

SEM / Business Goals Questionnaire
A client questionnaire is provided by Web Search Engineer and sent to you to obtain detailed information about your business, web marketing goals and more to help us achieve the best possible SEM for your web site. This is a required first step in our business relationship together.

Web Page Relevancy Evaluation for Sponsored Ad Click Through
Your web site and all of its relevant landing pages for ad "click through" are fully evaluated for Pay Per Click by Web Search Engineer.

Competitor's Bid Ranking, Competitive Intelligence Evaluation
A detailed study is made of your major competitor's sponsored ads, their ad copy writing, calls to action, and keywords used are noted. Also, if they use Google's AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, or both systems . Details about what they Pay Per Click and more are evaluated for your own ad campaign intelligence.

Paid Placement / Pay Per Click Account Set Up with Yahoo & Google
Without question, this is the most time consuming aspect of SEM. Dozens, if not hundreds of keywords are researched, analyzed and selected for relevant landing pages. Ad campaigns and groups are set up, “ creative" ads are written with calls to action and linked to relevant landing pages. Cost Per Click (CPC) is agreed upon along with choosing dozens of sponsored ad ranking positions.

Extensive Broad / Targeted Keyword Research
Web Search Engineer uses five powerful online tools to uncover the very best keywords and keyword phases to discover what searchers are typing into search engine query fields to find your kind of business, services and products. We deem this to be extremely important for your search engine marketing success researching the very best relevant keywords to use and the ones to steer clear of for your paid placement.

"Creative" (ad) Copy Writing
Each ad is written with the searcher in mind and the keywords they typed into the search engine's query field. Each ad contains the keywords, has a call to action in it as well as linking to the most relevant landing page on your web site.

Creative ad A & B Testing
More than one ad is usually associated with keyword groups. Several tests are conducted to learn which ad drives the most traffic to your pages.

Contextual Advertising (optional)
For some clients, engaging Yahoo and/or Google's contextual ads may be added to your search engine marketing mix.

Local Search Paid Placement (optional)
For many service or geo targeting businesses, adding Local Search to your advertising / marketing may be a wise choice.

Tracking URL's (Confirmation / Thank You for Your Order Pages)
For measuring and tracking conversions, code is added to confirmation / thank pages by your web master (obtained from Web Search Engineer) on a case by case basis.

Monthly Bid Management
The heart of any Paid Placement ad campaign is the management of the bids and their positions relative to competitor's ads and the ever changing scope of your business and "bid ranking". Different time allotments to manage your bids will be discussed and agreed upon.

Monthly ROI / PPC / CPC Reports
Monthly reports are generated for your review. Each major search engine has dozens of reports that will slice and dice the web metrics of your Paid Placement ads up with daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly statistics. The type of report provided to you will be based upon your requirements. Please Also See:
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