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Below is a sort of on going blog (even though I don't blog) on the release of the Lynda.com SEO title. Please scroll down to the bottom if you'd like to read the latest posting, or simply read all my post in consecutive order.

Please note: Many viewers of the Lynda.com SEO title have emailed me asking me to include them in any future newsletters I publish and to keep them informed about cool SEO stuff.

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Also, several people have written and asked to know more about me. Here's a link to my Linkedin (which I'm a big fan of) Public Profile.

- Richard

March 27, 2006

This web page was created for all future corrections and up dates for the Lynda.com Search Engine Optimization video tutorials as well as for the Santa Monica Carousel SEO training web site.

July 26, 2006

A few days a go Andrew from Lynda.com informed me that the Search Engine Optimization title will finally go live! He said it will be available in the Lynda.com online library first, and a few weeks later it will be available on DVD.

This has been one long slow process - over six months from start to finish (kind of like doing SEO for a web site!). Regardless, I'm excited to hear from any viewers who watch the videos, send me emails etc.

July 28, 2006

Andrew and I updated the exercise files bookmarks of all the sites shown in the videos over the last couple of days. This was super important to me so everyone who watches the videos can quickly and easily visit all the web sites I show in the videos.

If all goes well I've been told that today is the day the title goes live in the Lynda.com online library! Yippee! Excited as heck to get my email notice from lynda.com announcing the title!

My Top Ten SEO Lists (four of them) are now complete and can be found here: Richard's SEO Top Ten Lists.

5:30PM: Andrew has informed me the title is live in the Lynda.com online library! Let the feedback begin!

August 10, 2006

 Removal of all other Santa Monica Carousel Fan Site Home Pages

I removed the duplicate content Home Pages for the keywords: "Santa Monica Pier Carousel, Merry Go Round Santa Monica and Merry Go Round Santa Monica Pier" from the web. This was to avoid anyone or any search engines thinking I was using black hat SEO to achieve an unfair ranking in the SERPs.

August 15, 2006

SEO Title Live for Two Weeks in Lynda.com Online Library

Well its been an interesting two weeks! The SEO videos have been live for over two weeks now and Lynda.com reports there is a lot of interest in them from online subscribers. I’ve also been told the SEO title DVD's will start shipping at the end of August which is great too.

The best part about doing these videos so far is the several nice emails I’ve received from Lynda.com viewers who have told me how much they enjoyed them and how much they have learned.

And unfortunately I’ve received a few emails from people who didn't’t like some aspect of the title and wrote to say so.

I suspect the few people who didn't’t care for the videos were expecting a more advanced title on SEO from Lynda.com. Also, to be honest and up front here, one viewer has pointed out that I was self-promoting my own SEO services and web site too much in the videos and this was not to his liking at all.

Here’s my take on the negative feedback emails about the title; What appears to have happened since Lynda.com has gone live with the title is that two words from my description of the title from the get-go, “Introduction to” SEO appears to have been overlooked by the Lynda.com marketing team and not used in Press Releases about it nor on the Lynda.com web site.

All I can say is the Lynda.com marketing team has their reasons for dropping the ”Introduction to” even though I believe many Lynda.com subscribers to the online library who view the videos may be expecting a more advanced title. I have in fact requested from the powers that be at Lynda.com to put the Introduction to back in - bottom line is it’s up to Lynda.com and not me to do so.

In regards to the viewer (one so far) who felt I was promoting my own SEO services/web site in the videos to much, all I can say to any of you who are reading this and may agree with him is, I sincerely apologize.

It was not my intention to over due showing my own web site or promoting my SEO services. My intention in these videos was to simply use my own web site and the Santa Monica Carousel Fan site as good ethical examples of honest SEO practices.

I tried very hard throughout the videos to “not” overly promote anyone’s site, tools or company. As a counter balance when showing a particular site or set of SEO tools for example, Bruce Clay’s tools, I also showed similar tools from Enquiro. Like wise for KeyWord Tracker’s tools I also demonstrated KeyWord Discovery’s tools.

I felt many people watching the videos might want to see how an SEO firm worked behind the scenes so I focused on my own ways of doing things to show real-world examples such as showing the form my client spread sheets are in Excel for instance and keywords on my own site, links etc.

Please note that I have contacted Lynda.com and requested from them to pull any videos that they think I crossed the line on overly promoting my own services or web site, and, or having me re-record any segments that they think are self-serving at my own expense.

Again, my apologies to anyone who feels I did this.

Correction for section #2 - Black Hat SEO/White Hat SEO

In the “What is black hat SEO?” video I talk about a Page Title but mistakenly call it a “meta description tag.” It is in fact a “Page Title,” not a meta description tag.

Up Date for section #7 - SEO Tools: Keyword Research/Project Management

In the “Google’s suggest, term tool, and AdWord’s keyword tools” video, the URL to the External Google Keyword Tool URL has changed to: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal from http://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordSandbox.

If you end up using the old URL you will be automatically redirected to the new URL.

Thanks to lynda.com subscriber, Bo P. for alerting me about this.

August 18, 06

Ten subscribers to Lynda.com's online library so far have emailed me directly to say thank you and tell me how much they enjoyed the videos and how much they've learned. This truly has been wonderful for me to hear because it was my intention all along to help people understand what SEO is all about and empower them by sharing what I know about it.

Santa Monica Carousel: A Fan's Love Story SEO Test Web Site Ranking

As of August 18, 06 the site's rank has improved! For the keywords "Santa Monica Carousel" the rank is now:

Google: Page 1/number 4

Yahoo: Page 1/number 3

MSN: Page 1/number 2

August 31, 06

Andrew from Lynda.com has informed me the SEO title is now available on two CD-ROMS! Yippee! This is great news for viewers who may not be able to access the online library or desire the flexibility to watch them locally on their computer along with having access to the exercise files.

I've received over a dozen positive emails from viewers from all over the world in the last few weeks who have written how much they've learned from the title. This is truly great because, frankly, it gets lonely as heck sitting here in my home/office working on the next title (Pay Per Click / Search Engine Marketing) and it really brightens my day!

If you'd like to drop me a line telling me that you received value from the SEO title please do. If you felt the title wasn't to your liking I'd like to know why so I can improve on the next one for Lynda.com.

Lynda.com also has a Send Us Feedback Link on their Home Page. Your comments will go directly to Lynda.com staff (not me) so if you'd like to contact them directly with positive or negative feedback please do.

Help shape the next title I do for Lynda.com!

I'm currently working on a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Table of Contents (TOC) for my next series of lynda.com videos. What would you like to see me cover in them? Have a burning question or two about how SEM works especially: Shopping comparison sites, Merchant sites, Pay Per Click systems like Google's AdWords, Yahoo (formerly Overture) Search Marketing, Contextual advertising like Google's AdSense program and even Pay Per Call? Please let me know! :-)

September 11, 06

Lynda.com SEO title viewer, Jane S. wrote and reminded me of a super cool tool you may want to check out. Basically what it does is compare web page/site ranking in Google and Yahoo in a very cool visual way. Type in your keywords and see where you or your competitors rank in Yahoo/Google side-by-side. Check it out here.

October 1, 06

Several viewers of the lynda.com videos have written and asked me questions about Search Engine Marketing (SEM), especially Google's AdWords and how one learns it easily and more.

Here's a few things I dig which has helped me a ton to get an easy handle on AdWords and more.

First, Google has a
super excellent series of online training videos that a lot of people seem to not know about on AdWords that are really great. Check them out here in Google's AdWords Learning Center. There are I believe around eight hours of videos presented in formerly Macromedia's Breeze presentation tool (Flash) which is now part of Adobe Systems.

Also there are several good books on AdWords but my two favorites I’d like to recommend to you are, "Winning Results with Google AdWords" by Andrew Goodman; and even though this next one is not directly about AdWords it is indispensable and an important part of AdWords now, "Google Analytics" by Mary E. Tyler and Jerri L. Ledford.

I just finished the Google Analytics book last night and boy is there some powerful stuff inside this application to track your SEO, Pay Per Click ad campaigns and tons more. I especially am excited to see how the whole "goals and funnels" stuff works since I put this tracking jazz in place on my own web site last night.

Both books are great but pretty thick reads with trials and errors, meaning, you'll want to try stuff out in the AdWords and AdWords Analytics programs from the books and then go back to the books to learn if you did it right or screwed everything up! ;-)

I'm using the goals and funnels tracking stuff to see if searchers (not you guys and gals who are reading this) who are searching for "SEO training" click on my future (not in place yet) Google ads. I'm hoping to drive some search traffic to my web site to sell some lynda.com SEO "CDs" (not the lynda.com online SEO training) which I'm allowed to sell at a small discount since I'm the author of them.

In short, Adwords and along with Google Analytics appears to me to be killer stuff for tracking my SEO pursuits and obtaining good stats and metrics for my web site overall.

Santa Monica Carousel: A Fan's Love Story SEO Test Web Site Ranking

Quick check of the Santa Monica Carousel SEO training site today shows it has:

Google: Page 1/number 3 (moved up from 4 to 3!)

Yahoo: (disappeared from the Yahoo SERPS!)

MSN: Page 1/number 2 (no change)

Why has it disappeared from Yahoo, or at least from the fist ten pages or so of Yahoo's SERPs? Frankly, I have no idea. Stay tuned, I'll look into it and report back soon!

News Flash!

The Lynda.com SEO training videos (on CDs) are now available on Amazon.com! Do a search on Amazon.com for "Search Engine Optimization" or "Richard John Jenkins" and there they are! :-)

If you have an Amazon account and would take a moment out and rate the series and leave some feedback for potential Amazon purchasers of the CDs, I would be very appreciative of this kind gesture. Here's a direct link to the Lynda.com SEO CDs on Amazon. Scroll to the bottom of the page and add your input in the Customer Review section.

November 8, 2006

Quick check of the Santa Monica carousel fan site ranking:

Google: Page 1/number 2 (moved up from 3 to 2!)

(It's here but way, way down. So far down I couldn't locate it)

MSN: Page 1/number 2 (no change)

I must go on record here by saying that I've fallen in love with the coolest tool I now use daily for client's SEO & SEM keyword research.

The tool is Mindjet's MindManager 6. This mind mapping tool is totally visual and is the perfect compliment to get the juices following "before" you start doing keyword research in the Yahoo term tool or something like WordTracker. You can even view what you create as an outline, export the data to all the MS Office products, Acrobat .PDFs, and in several other cool ways.

You might be wondering, is Richard an affilate for Mindjet? Do I make money by telling you about this tool?

Nope, I just think this tool is teriffic and you should give it a test run if you're doing any kind of SEO/SEM research because it will make your work life easier and clients really dig it too.

Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization

Search Engine Optimization with Richard John Jenkins - Errata, Corrections and Up Dates

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