Real Customer Testimonials

All of the testimonials below were unsolicited by Web Search Engineer (Richard John Jenkins). They were sent by people all over the world who were in the process of watching the series of videos or shortly after finishing them.

The only editing that has taken place on these testimonials was the removal of people's references to places of business, companies they work for or personal information to protect their privacy.


"I just finished the very last video from your Search Engine Optimization video tutorials. I watched them from start to finish and can say what a great job you did! That was the best tutorial I`ve watched from so far, and this is why I`ve emailed you. I thought you gave us all a deep insight into your world from start to finish and encouraged us all to optimize our own sites in such a way! I wish you did tutorials on math too, I could probably be an accountant by now if you did!"

Elliot Washington
Dudley, MA

"Hi Richard, I just finished watching your SEO videos. Great job! I thought your information and teaching style were outstanding, and I feel I have a much better grasp of the wild world of seo. It was exactly what I needed."

Jon Brunke
Durham, NC

"Hello Richard! Well first off i'd like to say what an amazing title you have created, loved it! Very friendly, funny and easy to understand. I love titles and this has by far been one of the best! Your SEO tutorials were truly great, being a php/mySQL/apache programmer i have little insight into the world of SEO but not anymore! I also e-mailed Lynda saying what a great tutorial yours was!"

David Davidson :-)

"Thanks for the nice response and quick post. You should feel very good about your videos. There are a lot of people who need to know that they can get into search engines WITHOUT paying for it. For me, your videos have been by far the best primer in learning how to do so. Keep up the good work and keep laughing."

Jane Spinner

"Dear Richard: It was great to speak with you today. First I like to compliment you on your training from – SEO. I found the material very enjoyable, informative and well paced. It has enough information for both the professional and the novice alike. Keep up the great work!"

Joe Allen

"I am writing just to let you know I have been glued to your seo videos. It is now 3am and here I am emailing you! I have only been designing websites for a year or so and I am learning all the time as I have developed such a thirst for knowledge in this fascinating subject. The only area I was unsure of was SEO. I have read all the google, msn webmaster guidelines etc but your videos have cleared up all the other things I wasn't sure about so a very big thank you from me.

My main aim in emailing you was to let you know I think your videos are excellent and I for one appreciate the time and effort you have put into them. It really is amazing though how some designers don't put any thought into seo and I am actually working for a graphic designer who just wants flash and loads of animation in his sites without giving any regards to textual content, drives me crazy!"

Lain Donaldson
London, England

"Hi, Richard, I have just complete your lynda seo training video course from start to finished and just wanted to let you know, it was great. It has helped me build a foundation with which i hope to grow into a seo expert!"

Otis Webster

"Thank you!!!! I got tons of ideas and implemented them and I am seeing results right away. Your video is full of great ideas as well as the way to implement them."

Doug Handsen

"Richard, Your videos really helped me understand SEO and SEM. I am a designer and used flash far to much and now understand that using it as a decoration is best. I graduated a year ago, and the one thing they never even mentioned on the BA is SEO or SEM."

Best regards,

Ed Haines

"Richard, I just wanted to write to let you know that I found your videos to be very helpful, and informative.The resources that you provided were also top-notch! I'm a Marketing Analyst for (company named removed to protect this person's privacy) in Arizona, so I'm always keeping myself up to date on the SEO world for both professional growth and personal enjoyment. Thank you for adding to my knowledge banks!"


Jamie Foxen

[Forward to me from]

"Hello, I just finished watching your tutorial on search engine optimization. To say the least this was worth every hour invested. Richard John Jenkins did a great job with this topic. I am currently working on my own website and with Richard's help I am confident that I will soon be on the track to success. Hat's off to all of you at lynda, since I have become a member I no longer have time to watch tv. LOL."

Best Regards,

Scott Pearl

"Dear Richard, I have just completed your online SEO course. Everything was very clear and your use of a real website was extremely helpful. The way you use excel to organize the website with SEO in mind was excellent. I hope that you have other courses related to SEO at in the future."

Thanking you.

Harry S.
Moshav Neve Ilan, Israel

"Just wanted to tell you, I think this is one of the best titles from (and I've seen a lot of them)."


Copenhagen, Denmark

"Your instructional videos were great and answered a lot of questions for me that were not answered in the PPC programs that I have read."

Hope to hear back;

Michael Gray

"Good day Richard, I found your course from to be a delight. It was very informative, fun to watch, loved the humor, and cleared up 1000 questions I have had about SEO, thank you! I am sure you are super busy and I may be asking to much but I wanted to know if I could ask just a few questions that I now would like to know after taking your course. Yes, I promise just a few that are directly related to your course, then I will go off and be a good white hat SEO helper for other people."

Thank you for your time,

Jay Langdon

"Richard, I just want to say your video is very informative. And i want to express my thanks because I believe what you've preached will help the visibility of my website."

Susan Sewell

[Forward to me from]

"Dear, I've just completed this tutorial and I wanted to tell you how much I benefited from it. Thank you for offering this type of tutorial in this way. I've learned several programs through over the years through [web site name removed to protect privacy) and I have not been disappointed to date. Mr. Jenkins is a great teacher with a great speaking voice, and his tutorial was jammed with vital information. I feel he was a good choice for teaching SEO."


Bo Page
Hartford, CT

"Hey there Richard! Just finished your entire video set. (and I never finish entire video sets – so that’s a compliment!) Great stuff! I’m coming from a web designer / art director point of view but also as an online trainer (Photoshop and After Effects) I just wanted to write and say thanks for all the time and info you put into it. I learned a ton. I’ve done some research on the web about optimization but found it to be a lot of theories and maybes – yours was the first to simplify and consolidate and make it so I really feel I understand it now. AND – I realize JUST how badly my sites are at the moment. :-P I’ll be changing many habits in the future. I definitely took notes. Especially helpful was seeing your excel files. I made my own copying from your screen shots. As for coverage I thought it was great! You answered TONS and tons of questions that have been nagging me since I first started web design– so I really appreciate the work!

I’m working on an ‘Ultimate Web Design Course’ for art directors and designers and a chapter will be devoted to SEO. I’ll be sure to mention your site and your excellent Lynda title. Anyway – sorry for the long letter – just wanted to let you know your 6 months paid off. Great title. Talk to you soon!"


"Hi Richard, hope you don't mind me contacting you, as probably 100's of followers have done before me. Just wanted to say thanks for a really great tutorial on SEO/SEM. I'm due to start a redesign of our company website in the next few weeks and completing your course has given me plenty of great ideas to get results on the search engines."

Aron H.

"I just finished your Search Engine Optimization videos. It was very informative. I'm a rookie doing my own sites, and helping family and friends. Your instructions have taken all the mystery out of an important part of creating a website. I actually edit film and video and thought it was refreshing to see instructional videos that weren't all polished perfect, but had some 'human nature' fumbling at times. It made the hands-on subject material seem not so serious, and that anyone can stumble through the learning curve with success. And for you to open up your excel documents for all to see, it takes the instruction down to a real world example that makes theory reality."

Thanks so much!

Doug Hyman"


Web Search Engineer Footer