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Web Search Engineer works primarily with three types of clients:

The Web Search Engineer clients above have different Search Engine Promotion needs and levels of understanding about what’s involved in SEO/SEM. Each of them also have diverse requirements for helping their websites achieve the highest ranking possible whether using Search Engine Optimization, purchasing Paid Placement listings through Search Engine Marketing or a combination of both.

Small - Medium Size Businesses, Companies or Firm Owners

Whether you are a small to medium size business owner and/or a staff member responsible for improving a company’s web site, Web Search Engineer will work directly with you to help you improve your site and achieve the best possible ranking for your products and services at an affordable fee.

Rest assured we understand the needs of the person who is totally new to the world of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Web Search Engineer can explain what this fascinating, ever-changing world is all about in simple, jargon-free language. At the same time we also understand the complexity of dynamic data-driven websites, “unfriendly” Flash websites, Google’s “sand box” and other online road blocks that may be inhibiting your web site from generating more traffic or not ranking at all.

Online Marketing / Advertising Companies, Firms, Agencies or Webmasters / Designers

If you are an Online Marketing/Advertising Company or Agency creating client web sites in-house or you are an independent freelance Webmaster, Web Site Designer, you may have a need to farm out the organic/natural Optimization or Paid Placement advertising campaign aspect of your client’s web site to a Search Engine Optimization/Marketing specialist. Web Search Engineer promises to uphold your client confidentiality to the letter and act solely as a liaison. Your client will always be your client and never that of Web Search Engineers. With affordable fees and a dedication to ethics, we are truly a viable option in today’s emerging environment of Web Promotion and Internet Marketing.

Please check out Web Search Engineer’s Client Testimonials page, and Client Case Studies too. You may also request a password to view our current Client Position Ranking Report page for even more client SEO information.

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