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Business Profile:

Paradise Ranch Country Club for Cats and Dogs is an exclusive up scale and totally cage-free Los Angeles dog and cat boarding, training and grooming kennel where pets are pampered in a true home-like environment.

The owners of Paradise Ranch, who are animal lovers and dog owners themselves, were appalled at the cold, disease infested jail-like kennels dogs have been locked up in for decades. They decided there was a better healthier way to board dogs and out of this idea Paradise Ranch was born.

Paradise Ranch was the first facility of its kind in Los Angeles County to become completely cage-free setting the standard of all cage-free dog-boarding kennels that followed throughout North America.

Paradise Ranch is also very transparent; dog and cat owners whose pets are visiting the Ranch can log on to seven PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) high quality Sony web cams from anywhere in the world 24/7 and see their pets frolicking in Labrador lagoons, at the Doggie Tiki hut or lounging in the Malibu room watching TV.

Other than a single display ad in a free pet newspaper distributed to Los Angeles pet stores for their customers, Paradise Ranch had no other forms of consistent advertising and marketing campaigns in place to make pet owners aware of their services other than word of mouth.

Paradise Ranch did in fact have a web site, but it could not be found for any “keywords” people were typing into search query fields for the kind of pet services Paradise Ranch offered. Current customers also reported to the owners of the Ranch when they tried to refer their friends to the Ranch by using search engines to find their web site the Ranch’s web site did not rank in search engines and simply couldn’t be found.

The Search Engine Optimization Challenge:

Take a simple five page web site with minuscule web traffic, no search engine optimization/ranking what-so-ever and transform it into a high ranking web destination for people in the greater Los Angeles area searching for up scale “dog and cat boarding, grooming and training services in Los Angeles”.  

The Search Engine Optimization Result:

After creating several new targeted keyword rich landing pages: Dog Boarding Los Angeles, Cat Boarding Los Angeles, Dog Grooming Los Angeles, and Dog Training Los Angeles for each major service Paradise Ranch provides pet owners including adding meta tags, and meta description tags, Paradise Ranch now consistently enjoys seeing their web site rank in the top one - six search engine ranking positions on page one in MSN Search, Google, Yahoo and many other search engines for these highly targeted search queries made by Pet owners throughout Los Angeles, California.

The owners of Paradise Ranch report 85% of their new customers are now generated from their search engine improved/optimized web pages. Paradise Ranch also stopped running the display ads in the free pet paper since they now have more new business than they can handle mostly being generated from their online marketing.

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SEO Case Study: Paradise Ranch