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Business Profile:

John McGrail is a clinical hypnotherapist and performance coach located in West Los Angeles serving both private and corporate clients throughout Southern California, the U.S. and abroad.

John’s passion is helping people grow and enjoy a better life. Through Hypnosis, John offers clients several services to help them deal with stress, negative habits and emotions, self esteem and performance issues, fears/phobias, weight loss and other personal issues.

The Search Engine Optimization Challenge:

John had a terrific web site to begin with that generated decent traffic. And if you knew John, were a client of his, or if a friend recommended his web site to you to learn more about John’s services, you could easily find his site in top ranking positions in all the major search engines by simply typing in his full name in a search engine query box.

John did a very smart thing by having his web master register his full name as a domain name so finding www.JohnMcGrail.com is a simple search to perform, or typing his full name into a URL address box and adding the www. and .com will bring his site up every time.

The challenge for Web Search Engineer was that even though John’s site ranked well for his name, John was missing out on a substantial amount of business for searchers who did not know about John and his services in Los Angeles. Meaning, people searching for ways to get help to stop smoking, lose weight, deal with a fear of flying or many other personal issues were unable to find John’s website from queries they typed in.

Web Search Engineer was determined to help John by driving traffic to his site for searchers who were looking for help for these problems, wanted to overcome them through hypnosis and do this within the city of Los Angeles.

The Search Engine Optimization Results:

The first thing we did for John was to buy and establish a new domain name for his work that luckily was available. In fact, it was one of the highest ranked search terms for his profession: “hypnotherapy Los Angeles.” After recreating the same pages from his www.JohnMcGrail.com web site, we infused into his Home Page text, meta tags and Page Title these same “keywords.”

We also established for him brand new landing pages that were optimized for many of the services he offers like Quit Smoking Los Angeles, Weight Loss Los Angeles and others to match what searchers were typing into the search engines.

By concentrating on the keywords that searchers use for the type of services John offers in Los Angeles, John’s web site not only ranks in the top ten search engine rankings in the major search engines but according to John there is a substantial amount of phone inquiries/new business coming to him from his improved web page rankings.

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SEO Case Study: John McGrail, Hypnotist